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Name: Thea

Age: 21

Location: Portland, OR

What Boulder Level You Climb At: The highest I've ever completed was a 3, I think, although I constantly try to tackle problems well above my skill level.

How Long You've Been Climbing / Bouldering: about 2 years

Home Boulder Area: My garage! (CHECK US OUT--http://www.homecircuit.blogspot.com/)

Favorite Bouldering Area: Carver

Name Some Boulder Areas You've Been To: Rocky Butte, Carver

Place You'd Like To Go To Boulder: Anywhere beautiful, or where I could climb above water that isn't the Pacific Ocean. NOT FUN TO DROP IN TO.

Any Routes On Your Tick List / Goals: Mostly to become a better, stronger climber. I have flexibility on my side, and would love to be able to utilize it more.

Any Interesting Experiences: Nothing too "interesting"....mostly just Potentially Horrible. I once witnessed my climbing buddy stick his hand in a crack that turned out to be a hornet's nest. Fortunately I was paying attention (for once in my life) and saw the hornets start to crawl around his hand and yelled at him to drop. Lots of running and screaming ensued.

Any Pictures You'd Like To Post Of Yourself:
At Carver (where part of "Twilight" was filmed...we got to experience a mob of fanatical tourists flocking the area)
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Wait, why is the Pacific Ocean not fun to drop into?
because the Oregon Coast is usually extremely cold, windy, and the water is about 55 ish degrees. Mostly I would just love to be able to climb and swim and not freeze my ass off.
Not freezing is good!
Ah. See, I figured it might be cold, but I didn't know if it was also dangerous riptides and things. Live and learn.