Amna Shiekh (polevaulter) wrote in boulderers,
Amna Shiekh

Inside outside outside inside

So it turns out that the human construct of time is somehow related to the changing climber. It's been a couple years since my indoor vs outdoor climbing post (found HERE), and those two years have witnessed some serious changes in my climbing life. I climb outside and I enjoy it. A zillion times more than climbing inside, if you would believe it. In fact, I've come to a point where I travel far and wide in search of good rocks - a perfect remedy for my wanderlust and newfound love of outdoor climbing.

That is not to say that I have changed my opinion about indoor and outdoor climbing being different sports, I still believe that. Perhaps less now than before, but the distinction is still there. I suppose it depends largely on the athlete's mindset. But I just wanted to say, and I realize I'm preaching to the crowd here, that climbing is amazing. There are forms of it that are ridiculously ridiculous (*cough* crack climbing *cough* slab *cough* [no really, props to you guys!]), but as I said long ago, to each her own.

And if you're a gym climber and you haven't fallen in love with the world of outdoor climbing, I'm not going to criticize you or anything. I used to hate outdoor climbing. It took me a while to start liking it (2 years), but eventually something just clicked. If you're perfectly happy with climbing inside, go for it. And don't let any of us outside climbers make fun of you for it either. We're just jealous you don't have to pay hundreds of dollars to climb in some freezing cold mountains just north of the Mediterranean.

And really, to each her own.
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