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Climbing is way better now. Even if I'm inside, I'm still having fun which is most important. In, out, it doesn't matter really,as long as I'm moving up. Inside is a good to climb with friends who don't go out much or I don't see much and out is when I'm on a mission with a vision to send and be somewhere for an afternoon or day or a weekend or a week. So I'm glad I can feel this way about climbing and pulling on plastic again.

"Training" (i.e. just climbing my ass off) these days at Ironworks and GWPC (Great Western Power Company) in Berkeley and Oakland. I usually climb for about 2 to three solid hours with minimal rest and then do conditioning and bike back to the train. It's really nice really. The weather is warm, too warm for the home area here in Nor Cal, but the wind blows a bit to cool it down a bit, but not enough. Anyways, I feel much stronger than I have before. I think doing 200 crunches a day is helping my core improve so I'm psyched on that. Better core, better footwork, and better footwork means my feet stay on longer and I don't have to use much force to keep them on which is really rad. I love power moves where you're feet cut, but to do something static and have you're feet stay put is the coolest feeling.

I finally used the system wall / woody at GWPC; that thing is gonna kick my ass so hard. I did a couple laps on the pinches and my fingers were sore this morning. I already feel a little stronger. Maybe it's my mentality I'm very psyched right now and can't wait to see what happens outside in June. Super stoked.

Also, I have yet another blog I post my climbing adventures in. It's located here. Go check it. I try to update weekly with pictures. Once I get a new video camera, there should be some clips up.
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