sunlit_stairwell (sunlit_stairwel) wrote in boulderers,

Guess I'm new here:

Name: I don't want to be judged by these things.

Age: " "

Location: Denver

What Boulder Level You Climb At: One v10, but that isn't to say I boulder V10. V9 though, I'm thinking.

How Long You've Been Climbing / Bouldering: About 3 years

Home Boulder Area: Mount Evans, and RMNP, so good.

Favorite Bouldering Area: Hueco Tanks, so far above all else.

Name Some Boulder Areas You've Been To: Hueco, and quite a lot along the front range.

Place You'd Like To Go To Boulder: Joe's valley, British Virgin Gorda, South Africa, Malta

Any Routes On Your Tick List / Goals: God, so much: Public Execution (V10) @ Mt Evans, Power of Silence (v10) @ Hueco, Fingerhut (v10) @ Joe's, Those are the biggies at least.

Any Interesting Experiences: Lots of injuries and shenanigans.

A bit more in depth: I don't have much more to say, I love the sport. I love the training for the sport, I love the people in the sport, I love the movement, I love the opportunities, I love the style, I love the adventure, I love the thrill of the chase, I love the air around a scary boulder problem, I love the feel of a great spot, I love the act of brushing holds on your project, I love sending, I love falling off a new high point, I love comps, I love onsiting, I love redpointing, but I hate flappers.
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