Lauren (lobalina) wrote in boulderers,


Hi fellow climbers!  I'm new to the community, and just want to say hello.  I've been climbing for about 2 years, mostly indoors, but several outdoor trips, to The Pinnacles, and Bishop (last Spring Break).  My all-time favorite--route climbing in Owens River Gorge.  Anyone else been there? (I'm sure you Bishop people have!)

I'm headed out to the Pinns this weekend for some frozen camping and climbing.  I haven't climbed outside, or much at all, lately, so it's going to be, uh, interesting, but I'm stoked to hang out with friends, and have an adventure.  If I take any pics, I'll post them here :-)

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hey there! we have similar profiles - i've also been in this for 2 years and also mostly indoors (because i like it more than outdoors...this is probably where i differ from most). haven't been to owens river, but have been to bishop a couple times. that place is pretty awesome.

i'm originally from the bay area (berkeley) - climbed at ironworks. do you climb at mission cliffs? i miss the bay area =(