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el Wes

Two weekends ago I went with some friends to smack the Bishop.

I had a good trip that started out slow in the Ice Caves @ the Sad's and I just did Chizam in my Psyches with no pad or spotter. Beefcake looked good but I was so tired to try anything else. Must go back though to send some more things in the Sad's.

The next day in the Happy's, my friends and I met up with Damon Corso and Christina Pilo at the Slowdance Cave. Christina and I wanted to go work Action Figure at the Lowrider area, so we packed our pads and made the 5 minute walk over to it and set them up. I stepped up the climb and put the smack down. I, WALKED, Action Figure like it was v2, not v7. Christina was so close, but it bouted her (this time ;), but my friend got these great shot of her on it. So did it one more time just to see if I could repeat it with no problems and I could so I decided to stop and find something else to work. Sure enough, there's a traverse into it called Gang Related that's not hard at all. I did that 2:go, immediately after I fell off my flash attempt. It felt good to do it since the moves aren't hard but it's called anywhere from a v7-8. I thought it felt softer than that, but that's just me. I also did Little Country Girl around the corner in 3 tries, in socks and shoes not strapped. I got confused on the top out when I tried the top and ended up going the wrong way and up to the top of Volcanic Tableland. None the less, a good climb I thought. Height dependent though.

THe next day we ventured to the land of Milk and Honey to try to send some granite problems. I tried High Plains Drifter a lot of times that day, but didn't send , which is cool cause it shows that i need to train more and stay psyched. I was close though so I know I can do it next time. I also tried Soulslinger but my foot popped as I was reaching up to get through the crux. So annoying but what can you do? I also tried the thin Yayoi Right which I nee to come back for as well. I went to watch my friend almost do Stained Glass. He was an inch from sending. So close! Anyways, I went back to the Drifter to try it a couple more times before we had to leave. I saw my friend, Elise, fire it off 2:go which was rad! I was psyched and ready to send but it just wouldn't let me that day. Oh well, just means I must travel back to finish.

I wish I had some photos from the trip, but my friend has yet to give me them.
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